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A Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator is a voluntary role.  As one, you will be the main point of contact for the operation of the scheme. You will register the scheme and be the main point of contact for everyone in your Neighbourhood.  You will be the main point of contact should there be concerns or issues in your community.  You may simply have a WhatApp group to use the free email system that Neighbourhood Watch provide as a means to distribute information or advice. Many schemes have developed enough to raise funding for local improvements, street cleanups, or street events. You can be as involved as you wish to be.  This is your Neighbourhood Watch for your community. If you have a large Neighbourhood Watch you can also add street coordinators to assist you when you register your watch.

To register a watch is now simple.  Click the box for watch sign up at the top of the page or click here .


The online form allows you to fill your personal details and register the name of your Neighbourhood Watch and the streets it covers and add an approx number of houses. By submitting this form you are permitting us to add your scheme to the Neighbourhood Watch and Derbyshire Alert online system.  This allows your scheme  to be visible to other members wanting to join a scheme in your area.   It also allows the Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams to see that there is a new watch in the area.


If you are registering a large scheme you may wish to add street coordinators, please list these people on the form and also request that they fill in the membership form on this link (Add link so it can be cut and pasted that connects to the new members form) to allow us to add them to your scheme.

Setting up a scheme form

Yes, we have Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch schemes as small as a 4-person hamlet up to a whole village. Neighbourhood Watch is about keeping your community safe and connected no matter how big or small the size.

Once you have registered your scheme,  you can simply email this link to your neighbours along with the name of your scheme

. They will then be able to fill out the form online and we will be able to add them into your scheme online. You can also direct them to our website and tell them to click the New Members link to sign up. If your neighbours are unable to fill out the form online you can download this PDF here to print out and distribute and send back to Chesterfield Police Station, NHW, Room 312, Beetwell Street. (Add new members form to print off)

Sign up here

Depending on how many people you know in your street and how connected you may already be with them can affect the speed of getting people signed up. We find that a lot of watches start when there has been a burglary or trouble in the area.  The concerns often brings the community together. However please do not be put off if you are new to the area or don’t know people on your street.  Starting a scheme is a great way to get connected and build the community spirit.  You will be surprised how quickly things can grow. We can supply you with postcards/leaflets to pop through your neighbour’s doors to let them know you are starting a neighbourhood watch scheme in your area with your details on and where to sign up.


We often find if there has been a spate of crime in your community that holding a home safety event with your local SNT officers can be a great way to get everyone together and signed up.

Join A Watch

You can apply online at the top of this page for signs, or download a printable application form which you can scan back on email or post back to our office at Chesterfield Police Station, NHW, Room 312, Beetwell Street, Chesterfield.


Alternatively email for a paper copy to be sent out. We would ask where possible to use the online or download service if you can.


The lamppost signage form will ask for you to identify and record the numbers of the lampposts where the signs will be placed. We ask that signs are placed at the entrance and exit to the street and are at ;least 7ft above the ground for health and safety reasons. Each sign comes with zip ties to fix the sign in place. If you are unable to place the sign at 7ft yourself for health and safety reasons we would ask that you ask a member of your scheme to assist in this.  You are covered by our Public Liability Insurance for undertaking this.  (it does not cover anyone over 80 years of age.)


We provide 2 signs free of charge to each scheme.  Any additional signs will incur a £5 charge per sign. Should you be covering a large neighbourhood watch area please contact the office directly and we will discuss how we can support you with additional signs or support in applying for funding to cover costs.

Once you have registered your scheme and have interest from your community most Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators find that  holding a launch event can be very useful. These are usually well attended and useful.  If there have been issues in the area that are raising concerns such as burglaries, cold callers or Antisocial behaviour, by bringing people together these can be discussed with the Safer Neighbourhood Team and potential resolutions suggested. Click here to find out more about inviting the Safer Neighbourhood Team to your event.


Alternatively, you may simply wish to meet up at a local venue to connect and meet people in your community and let them know you are starting a scheme. Our tips are below:


1/. Register your scheme. Click here!

2/. Invite members to join by posting leaflets or chatting with people in your street.

3/. Once you have gained interest, arrange a date and venue and notify your members in advance. Please note Neighbourhood Watch are unable to fund your event as we are a charity, but local churches and community spaces are often happy to allow you to use the venues free of charge. Often events are held in the local pub or even in people’s houses.  We would advise you to ask your members as well if anyone would need assisted access to ensure everyone can attend. You will often find that an evening event can work well due to people’s working.

4/. If you would like to invite the Safer Neighbourhood team contact with as much notice as possible click here on how to invite the Safer Neighbourhoods team.

You can contact our Neighbourhood Watch Office to see if the Safer Neighbourhoods Team can be available to attend your event. Simply email with the date and time and location of your meeting and details of any special topics you would like to cover.


The Safer Neighbourhood Team is always keen to support the Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch schemes in their area.  However, they do have a large workload and may not always able to attend all events.  We would advise liaising with the Neighbourhood Watch office with as much notice and information about your event as possible.


Can I order information leaflets for my neighbourhood watch scheme?


Yes, we have several leaflets available.  These include our seasonal leaflets for Halloween “no trick or treaters”, home safety information and help with avoiding cyber-crime. We can provide these free of charge to you.  If you click on the top box for ordering leaflets and products you will see the current list of those available.  The list is updated as and when new leaflets are produced.  Please tick and add the numbers required. All literature will be sent to your local police station, so you can collect them.


* We have a cap of 30 leaflets per street, if you require more leaflets for a larger watch please contact directly to arrange.

We appreciate your efforts in launching and running a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and understand the costs can add up if you are printing off sign up forms and/or newsletters. We currently support over 1500 schemes across Derbyshire, so as a charity, have limited funds.  We have to ensure that we treat everyone equally and are unable to process large printing volumes.

To support our Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators, we have launched our online sign up which allows members to fill the form online which is then emailed automatically to our Neighbourhood Watch office to be added to our system. The 3rd box must be ticked on this form to allow us to process the form for you. Link to send to your members is (Add link).


If you do require  funds for printing newsletters, events or additional items for your scheme, we can support you with applying for funding. Please read our full list of current funding available here (Add link to funding article). If you are also in a Parish Council area you can apply for funding to support your area, please read our full details on applying for parish council finding here (Add link).

Yes, you can.  Please click here to find out more about the funding in your area (Add link to funding article and links). Please also contact for any support on applying for funding for local projects we will do all we can to assist you in your applications. You can use Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watches charity number for your applications for funding. However, please email us to make us aware of the funding you are applying for and the reasons for your application to so we can keep a record on file in case we are contacted about your application.

Yes, you can.   Although it is not a requirement to do so, it depends on the time you have available and the needs of your community.. If you do wish to register a local Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page, please find information on setting up a Facebook page here (Add link to set up a Facebook page blog). Facebook pages can be a great way to bring the community together and you can make these private groups where only the people in the group can see who is in the group and the content or public. We would also advise you to read our code of conduct for social media when using Facebook for a Neighbourhood Watch group.

Alternatively, you can follow our main page on (Add our main page for Facebook here and twitter), or check out if your local Safer Neighbourhood Team have a Facebook to follow here (Add link to SNT Social media pages)

Neighbourhood Watch is a community group and we do not support patrols of any kind or direct action of any kind.  Joining or running a neighbourhood watch scheme does not give you any more rights than a member of the public.


We would always ask that if you have any concerns in your community that you contact the Police or your Safer Neighbourhood team directly. If you are struggling to get in contact then please don’t hesitate to contact our office: .

If you are struggling to use the system please don’t worry.  Contact our office directly on and we can provide help to you over the phone. Alternatively, click here to find a step by step guide to logging on through to sending an email and adding people in your watch. (Add link here to blog have asked VisaV to supply worst case I will do)

When you go to log on to the system (Add link here) you can request a forgotten password. If you are still having issues please contact our office directly on or add office number and we can request this for you.

How to set up a NHW scheme in your area.