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Defender Signal Blocker – Vehicle Fob & Phone Protection 10% Off

Meets the Secured By Design Police Preferred Specification

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The Defender Signal Blocker is a high quality, dual-purpose vehicle fob and mobile phone storage pouch.

The dual-purpose nature of the Signal Blocker sees it combat two of the biggest security and safety issues: keyless car theft and distracted driving caused by mobile phone use.

When sealed inside the pouch, proximity fobs are fully protected from tech-savvy car thieves, ensuring your vehicle cannot be stolen in this manner.

Similarly, a sealed mobile phone cannot receive any calls or notifications, leaving a driver free to focus on the road, free of distractions. Once removed, all missed alerts pull through to the phone within 5 seconds.

Best selling ‘faraday bag’ available, winning awards for its exceptional quality and performance, as well as achieving the coveted Secured By Design Police Preferred Specification.

Beware of imitations! The Defender Signal Blocker is the only blocking pouch to feature industry-leading RPF™ material.

Voted Auto Express Best Buy 2018 & Best Buy in 2019 Mini Test!

Shortlisted for In Car Product of the Year at the 2018 & 2019 First Car Awards!  

As seen on BBC One’s Rip Off Britain, BBC News, Auto Express and many more… The UK’s no.1!

  • • Signal blocking faraday bag
    • Made from unique RPF™ material
    • High quality, double stitched design
    • Protects proximity fobs from keyless car theft
    • Blocks all phone signals, from calls to Wi-Fi & 4G/5G
    • Also blocks RFID, GPS, NFC, EMF
    • Fits most smartphones OR multiple fobs
    • Contains educational card insert
    • Dimensions: 11.5 x 18.6 x 0.6cm
    • Secured By Design accreditations
    • Available in Black, Grey or Red

If you have read our article on keyless car theft you will no the improtance of protecting devices. Why not order a RFID

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