Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch


Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch is standing up against dog theft and supporting members in taking action in protecting their pets but also changing the law.

Several dog thefts have hit the news across Derbyshire and become an issue at the forefront of dog owners minds. While Derbyshire Police have posted some great stories of reuniting owners with their most loved pets, other reports haven’t had the same ending.

In a recent survey of dog owners (April 2021) conducted by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), 

96% of respondents reported being more aware of the risk of dog theft since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown, with 96% stating they were extremely or very aware of this issue. 

75% of dog owners reported having taken additional actions to protect their dogs from theft over the last 12 months. 

Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch will be supporting the national NHW campaign against dog theft. Focusing on ways to keep your dog safe in Derbyshire along with the vital message of: keep your dog SECURE, INSIGHT, SEARCHABLE. 

But we will even be going further as a charity to work towards changing the law. At present, dog theft is not defined as a specific crime, with dogs classed as ‘property’ under the Theft Act 1968. If caught, the penalty for stealing pets is generally a small fine or suspended sentence, with the Pet Theft Reform campaign reporting that in recent years only 1% of dog theft crimes have led to a prosecution.

Derbyshire NHW will encourage Derbyshire residents to sign the petition to support making dog theft a specific criminal offence.

Attend NHW National Dog Theft Webinar: We will be running a dog theft webinar with supporting partners on the 27th of May, 5 pm, on Zoom. Sign up here Meeting Registration – Zoom

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