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Public Liability Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch

Public Liability Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch

We receive a lot of emails from Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators about Public Liability Insurance when running events or organising a get together through to putting up signs on the street.

This blog is designed to give you all the information you need to answer your questions and give you the contact details you need for any specific questions.

Does Neighbourhood Watch Have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, we have Public Liability insurance, with a Limit of Indemnity of £10,000,000 per claim plus legal costs, is in place to provide relevant cover for all recognised schemes and Neighbourhood Watch volunteers carrying out their roles across England and Wales. Your scheme must be registered with us to be covered by this insurance. The scheme covers NHW co-ordinators under the age of 80 years whilst they are undertaking tasks on behalf of Neighbourhood Watch.

Please contact confirm your watch is registered.

Who Is The Public Liability Insurance With?

Access Insurance Services, a Charity specialist Chartered Broker

I Have Been Asked To Supply A Copy Of The Public Liability Insurance

Please head to our National Neighbourhood Watch page to download your copy of the insurance

I Have A Specific Query On The Public Liability Insurance

If you have general enquiries regarding this insurance, please contact Neighbourhood Watch.  If your enquiry is Policy specific, please contact Access Insurance directly by e-mail , phone 0333 344 7429, or visit