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Secure Your Home When You’re Away

Ok, so maybe this year may not be the great getaway we all hoped for. But this is excellent advice from Secured By Design on ensuring your home is secure when your away.

Follow the advice below from Secured by Design to help keep your home safe while you’re away;

  • Ensure doors and windows are in a good state of repair and that good quality locks or bolts are fitted to all outside doors
  • Ensure the locks on all windows and doors are in good working order and are locked.
  • Any broken or defective locks should be repaired by a Locksmith registered with the Master Locksmiths Association
  • Remove the keys from all windows and doors and put them in a safe place when you leave the house
  • If you have an intruder alarm, make sure it’s set. If you don’t have one consider having an approved alarm system installed. Visit to find out all the information that you need to know to assist you in choosing the right security system for your home or business
  • Make use of timer plugs with lamps and radios to make your house seem occupied.
  • You can also get photosensitive bulbs, which are activated when it gets darker
  • Don’t leave valuable items such as laptops and jewellery in view of windows. Lock valuable items away in a ground anchored safe or you could consider leaving important documents and valuable items with other family members whilst away