Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch

A message from the Chair of Derbyshire NHW

At our last Annual General Meeting in 2019, I announced that we would be building a website as soon as we could. I am delighted to announce that thanks to the Police and Crime Commissioner supporting us and providing us with funding, we have been able to do that and to welcome you to our website.

We have been very pleased with our working relationship with the PCC, Hardyal Dhindsa, who has also provided the funds for the Neighbourhood Watch Innovation fund that we ran last year. We hope to do the same this year and announce this on the website shortly.

We are also working in partnership with Derbyshire Police and have an excellent communication service via Derbyshire Alert which is paid for by them. We have been able to increase coverage of NW schemes in Derbyshire as a result of working together with local Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

I hope that you find the content of the website helpful and will use it frequently. It contains information on starting and operating a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and provides advice and documents that you can download and use. There is also a Blog page and links to other websites that you may find useful. A Question & Answer page provides you with additional information that may have confused you in the past. Plus there is lots of additional help and advice.

Thank you all for your continuing hard work as NW volunteers.

Lynn Farrar
Chair of Derbyshire NHW

Find out more about the latest funding for NHW projects from the PCC you could access, click here

# Chair of Derbyshire NHW