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Protect Your Pa$$W0Rd Campaign

Neighbourhood Watch responds to worrying findings about attitudes to cyber security with new PROTECT YOUR Pa$$W0rD campaign.

With a staggering 1 in 5 people reporting to be a victim of cybercrime it is no surprise that over a third (34%) of people say they’re more concerned about cybercrime than physical crime.* With Covid-19 national restrictions now in place an increasing number of people are more reliant than
ever before on using online devices in our daily lives. It has never been more important to look after our security online as much as offline.
John Hayward -Cripps, CEO of Neighbourhood Watch Network says:

“You wouldn’t leave your front door open when you leave your house for criminals to walk right in. Having weak passwords is like leaving your digital front door open for cybercriminals to steal all your personal data and images. But just as there are easy steps we can take to keep our homes secure, there are also easy steps we can take today to keep our lives online secure.”

Neighbourhood Watch entered the cyber world with their Cyberhood Watch partnership with Avast in 2019. With the sea of confusing advice out there around cybersecurity, Neighbourhood Watch’s new Protect your Pa$$W0rD campaign aims to cut through the noise and focus on 3 simple, quick steps anyone can take today to help improve their online security. Their fresh, thumb-stopping social campaign is aimed at the overwhelmed and the complacent alike. The campaign targets two different audiences based on their attitude to online security and how to overcome their respective hurdles.

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