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We are very proud that the majority of Neighbourhood Watch work locally is delivered by dedicated and passionate volunteers, donating their time, skills and experience to help make their communities safer, more connected and vibrant. However, we are very aware that that does not mean the work requires no financial expense. In addition, we know the significant impact Covid-19 has had upon not only local groups’ ability to raise funds, but also on the increased demand for community support and infrastructure investment locally.

There are of course a number of routes for seeking local funding, and we go through these on our fundraising page, but when these have been exhausted or may not be relevant, Neighbourhood Watch Network are offering a Community Grants Fund.

Fund details

We want to help you kickstart, improve or expand your community work! The Trustees of Neighbourhood Watch Network have set aside funds toward a 6-month trial community grants programme for local groups delivering or setting up Neighbourhood Watch activities within their communities.

Funds can be used for one-off project work or core costs. The size of grants range between £100 – £500. Groups can only hold one grant at a time, and can only hold one grant in each financial year. There are limited funds so not every application will be accepted – we foresee a significant demand and will need to ensure our funding is balanced across strategic priorities.

Groups are defined as: schemes, areas, districts or associations, e.g. several schemes can hold grants within an association, and that association can also hold its own grant, but all projects or applications must be clearly defined and separate from each other.

Who we fund

Our grants are only for registered Neighbourhood Watch members who are representatives of a registered and recognised Neighbourhood Watch scheme, group, Area or Association in England and Wales. Registered and recognised means: any association who has signed the MoU; or any areas that has signed as area (non-voting) MoU; or any scheme that is registered either on Alert or is formally registered with an Association as previous. If you are unsure whether you fit within these categories, please contact us.

We only fund work or activities that are clearly defined as that of Neighbourhood Watch and that aligns with the charitable purposes within our constitution and with our values. These are:

Our purposes:

  1. Promote, for the benefit of the public, good citizenship, community safety and greater public participation in the prevention and detection of crime;
  2. Promote public support for the work of the police service and other partners in the protection of people and property from, and the prevention of, crime

Our values:

  • Neighbourly
    We aspire to be good neighbours.
  • Community focused
    We bring people together.
  • Inclusive
    We are welcoming to all people.
  • Proactive
    We are active within communities and we are relevant in today’s world.
  • Trusted
    We are dependable, caring, respectable, approachable and supportive.
  • Collaborative
    We work as a team, in partnerships and within communities.

Applicants must be part of a constituted group, to ensure your work and objectives align with ours. Grants cannot be placed into personal bank accounts and there must be at least two signatories/key contacts within the group in order to apply for a grant.

What we fund

We are particularly keen to fund new, innovative work that helps further our 2020-2025 strategy, but we will also fund some applications that are for core costs. Our funding priorities for this trial are:

  1. Crime prevention activities
  2. Community cohesion
  3. Enhancing the role of volunteers
  4. Improving the community environment
  5. Engaging/involving young people’s voices (will require relevant safeguarding procedures to be in place)

Street signs, stickers and other basic resources will be considered as part of a clear plan for how your group makes/will make a difference in your community.

What we do not fund

  • Activities that are not charitable in law
  • Activities where the primary benefit is to enable a public body to carry out its statutory obligations
  • Activities that have already taken place (retrospective funding)
  • Grants intended for individuals
  • Street CCTV units, street patrols, PCSOs, or private street security personnel
  • Grant making, or equivalent gifts in kind, by other organisations
  • Privately owned and profit-distributing companies or limited partnerships
  • Any work that does not align with our values and objectives

How to apply

To apply please complete the application form in full. You must also complete a budget form and send that along as well, and any documents as required within the application form.

Please attach all documents to one email and send to We only accept applications by email currently. Applications will be acknowledged by email. If we require any further information we will contact you. You will receive a decision within 6 weeks of acknowledgement.

Decisions on shortlisted applications will be made by a panel of Trustees. Decisions are final. We intend for this trial to provide a quick, agile response fund.

What happens if you’re successful

If your application is successful, we will email you a letter of confirmation with the full details of your grant. Within your application you will need to tell us whether your group has an independent bank account. If it does, we will aim to transfer your grant within 4 weeks.

If your group does not have an independent bank account, we will discuss with you whether your local Association has one and if your grant can be managed through them. If not, we will speak to you about how we can distribute the grant to you instead.

As a condition of receiving the grant from us, you commit to monitoring its usage and measuring the outcomes you said you would achieve within your application. We will include a sample outcome measurement template but can talk through how this will work best for your group/project. By accepting the grant, you commit to implementing this prior to spending the grant.

At the end of the grant term (as set out in your application) we will request a simple report with feedback on the grant usage and information of how successfully you achieved your outcomes and impact made by your group.

Your group can apply for another grant in the next financial year (starts April).

What happens if you’re unsuccessful

If your application is unsuccessful we will send you an email letting you know and explain why. Decisions are final. Your group is welcome to put another bid in straight away, but please do take into account any feedback you were given.

Neighbourhood Watch Network is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and our Head of Fundraising is a registered Individual Member of the Institute of Fundraising. We are fully compliant with the Code of Fundraising Practice.

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