Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch

Setting Up A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme In Derbyshire

Setting Up A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme In Derbyshire

We are creating a strong network of existing and new members within several neighbourhood watch schemes in active communities, from a single neighbourhood watch scheme covering a street to whole villages under one neighbourhood watch. Now is the right time to be involved, make a difference in your area, and create a good quality of life for you and your local community. We connect you with your local Derbyshire Police Force, Derbyshire Crime Commissioner, Community Safety teams, Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire Fire Service. To ensure safer communities working towards crime prevention and reducing anti-social behaviour along with local information on specific messages in your area.

If your scheme sits within North Derbyshire or South Derbyshire, you will have to register yourself and your Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch scheme first; if you haven’t done this, then click below to fill in the form. This form will allow Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch to add your details to the Derbyshire Alert System.

Register Your Neighbourhood Watch

*If you prfer not to have your details shared with Derbyshire Police, you can opt out for this information being shared with them.

Step 1: Invite People From Your Local Area To Join Your Watch

There are several ways you can do this

Please send the following link out to people whose emails you already hold or on your local Facebook group for them to join online.

Online Link

They will need to put the watch’s name on the form and their details on the name of the neighbourhood watch they wish to join. Once they enter the details, they will be added by Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch, and you will receive an email saying that Mrs Jayne Smith, from 43 King Lane, wishes to join your watch; click to accept.

Step 2: If you don’t have contact details of people in your area

These postcards can be posted through your neighbour’s doors, giving further information on how to join up online or via paper form. They have the information about the NHW that has launched and your contact details on the back. They also have an online link for those who wish to join or contact you for a paper form. (We can supply 30 postcards for free, then they are 30p for every ten and cover the charities printing costs. Again we can help you apply for funding if you cover a larger area). Once they enter the details, they will be added by Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch, and you will receive an email saying that Mrs Jayne Smith, from 43 King Lane, wishes to join your watch; click to accept.

Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch Postcards

Order postcards here:

Paper Forms

For those who are not online, we can supply paper forms; these need to be filled in and then sent to 

(Copies are limited for each watch, but we can supply the file as well for you to print or support with funding applications when available.)

Step 3: Log On And Accept People On To Your Watch

Once people start to sign up to join your scheme, you will receive email alerts to let you know that there has been a request to join your scheme. Click the link and sign in to accept them.

Sign in to your account here with your username and password.

If you Forget your username – contact, and we can send you a reminder via email.

Forget your password: go to the link and click forgot password, and it will walk you through setting up a new password.

Step 4: What specific message should I send out to my group

Now you have everyone’s details who wish to join; you can make sure you keep them in the loop with:

  • Local events you may run, i.e. litter picks to general meetings with your local Derbyshire Constabulary Safer Neighbourhood Team.
  • Meetings with key partners, for example, a rural crime officer coming to talk.
  • General information on incidents in your area (Although your local policing teams will also send out police priority updates, including requests around missing people, current crimes and critical incidents)
  • Updates on any concerns in your area to make people aware of any suspicious activity or local break-ins.
  • You can also share this information via Facebook activity on your local community Facebook pages if you have one and follow your local SNT’s Facebook page.
  • Follow Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page here and also join the Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators Group for support ideas and general connections with other Neighbourhood watch Coordinators

How Do I Get Stickers And Signage For My Watch?

Once your members start to sign up, you will be ready to get signage and stickers for your watch.

Free Items

  • Each watch can apply for two free signs and ties for their street; additional signs with ties are £5 each.
  • Free window stickers for every member of the watch
  • Five free printed handbooks and an online version for free. Additional printed handbooks are 50p each.
  • Free no cold caller signs (While stocks are available)
  • Free no trick or treat signs (While stocks are available)

You can also buy additional items and order the above on Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch ordering products and items page. All funds go towards the print and supply of other NHW items.

Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch is on the Charity Commission Register of Charities. If you are interested in being involved, why not join the Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch Board as a Board member.