Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch

Social media guidelines for NHW groups

Social media is a great communication and engagement tool for Neighbourhood Watch groups to use. It can be used to increase awareness of Neighbourhood Watch locally, reach a wider audience (including younger members), promote Neighbourhood Watch as a means to tackle crime and build community cohesion, engage current members with actions they can take, increase awareness on safety, signpost people to accurate information, share national Neighbourhood Watch campaigns and messages and those of partner organisations.

Because social media is instant, it can be a very useful crime prevention tool, warning residents in a timely manner and making them more vigilant. It can be used to alert residents to suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, spread the word about Neighbourhood Watch events and personnel changes, communicate on recent crimes in the area and successes in apprehending offenders, alert residents to personnel changes of local police/ community safety teams, provide warnings about new types of scams and reminders on how to report scams. In terms of increasing community cohesion social media is a great tool in emergency response situations (e.g COVID-19, flooding), and arranging events in the area such as street clean ups, street parties, community lunches or book hides.

It is vital when representing Neighbourhood Watch on social media we aspire to achieve our vision and mission and all posts are aligned with our core values.

Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch Vision

At Neighbourhood Watch our vision is a society where neighbours come together to create safer, stronger, and active communities.

Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch Mission

Our mission is to support and enable individuals and communities to be connected, active and safe, which increases wellbeing and minimises crime.

Derbyshire Neighbourhood Watch Values

Below are some guidelines in how our social media posts can align to our six core values of Values: Below are some guidelines in how our social media posts can align to our six core values of being neighbourly, community focused, inclusive, proactive, trusted, and collaborative

Be neighbourly: we aspire to be good neighbours…

• Be polite by using kind words and praise people
• Use emoji’s like ? ? ? to instantly communicate a feeling to your audience
• Avoid swearing, even if you replace letters with symbols

Want to know more about our social media guidelines? Download the full guide here.